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Installing the Android SDK from the Command Line

Posted in Uncategorized by rmt on July 24, 2012

(Ubuntu 12.04)

The following are instructions for setting up the Android SDK from the command line.

Install Eclipse:

sudo apt-get install eclipse

Install Android SDK:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
tar xzvf android-sdk_*
echo ‘export ANDROID_HOME=/home/$USER/android-sdk-linux’ >> /home/$USER/.bashrc
echo ‘PATH=$PATH:$ANDROID_HOME/tools’ >> /home/$USER/.bashrc
echo ‘export PATH=$PATH:$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools’ >> /home/$USER/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc
android update sdk –no-ui –force

Install Android NDK:

bunzip2 android-ndk-
tar xvf android-ndk-

echo ‘export ANDROID_NDK_HOME=/home/$USER/android-ndk-r8’ >> /home/$USER/.bashrc
echo ‘export PATH=$PATH:$ANDROID_NDK_HOME’ >> /home/$USER/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Install Android ADT Plugin:


Help->Install New Software->Add>Developer Tools

Preferences->SDK Location->(Set the SDK Location)

Help->Check for Updates

Create an AVD:

android create avd -n 4.0.3 -t 27 –abi armeabi-v7a

Maven Installation

Install Maven 3:

tar xzvf apache-maven-3.0.4-bin.tar.gz
echo ‘export M3_HOME=/home/$USER/apache-maven-3.0.4’ >> /home/$USER/.bashrc
echo ‘export M3=$M3_HOME/bin’ >> /home/$USER/.bashrc
echo ‘export PATH=$PATH:$M3_HOME’ >> /home/$USER/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Install android-maven-plugin:

sudo apt-get install git
git clone
cd maven-android-plugin
mvn clean install

Install maven-android-sdk-deployer:

git clone
cd maven-android-sdk-deployer
mvn install

Install maven-android-plugin-samples:

git clone
cd maven-android-plugin-samples
mvn clean install


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